What is JC Online Franchise Business?

Updated: Jun 13

JC Worldwide Franchise Inc., the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang became the pioneer of online franchising to adapt with the current economic crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic. In online franchising, franchisees do not need to open their businesses by putting up a traditional store such as kiosk and food carts. But franchisees will be selling and offering their services online via social media and other online tools such as facebook and instagram. Each franchisee will have his/her own online websites and portals to monitor their business called shoplinks. This way, even they are working or just looking for extra income, they can easily manage their JC franchise business just by using the internet and smartphone or personal computer.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla together with CEO Jonathan So and VP Carlito Macadangdang

Franchising a business needs a large amount of money. That is why the owners decided to offer a 12-in-1 Online Franchise, which is affordable to Filipinos especially those who lost their jobs because of the nationwide quarantine. With this new system powered by their own IT company, Cloud Panda, the franchising company has given alternative source of income to many Filipinos nationwide and overseas.

Included in this package are:

1. Online Retailing of Frozen Food

(Sample Shoplink - https://shop.siomaiking.ph/PPS8511714)

a. Siomai King - siomai

b. Siopao Da King - siopao

c. Potato King - fries and chips

d. Boy Bondat - sisig, kare-kare, goto,

e. Noodle House - egg noodles, teriyaki noodles, dumplings and many more

f. Burger Factory - burger patty

g. Mang Bok's - marinated chicken and liempo

2. TOKTOK - offers delivery service and hire riders nationwide

(Sample Delivery Link - ( https://toktok.ph/delivery/PPS13482453 )

3. TOKTOKMALL - newest shopping site in the country

(Sample Mall Link - www.toktokmall.ph/PPS13482453)

4. Online Retailing of Health, Beauty and Personal Care Organic Products

a. JC Premiere - calvit-c, k-pads, omniwhite, organic barley, ashitaba coffee and many more (Sample Shoplink - www.jcshop.ph//PPS13482453 )

b. Ninja Ion - personal and portable air purifier

(Sample Shoplink - www.ninjaph.com/cpshop/PPS8511714 )

c. Coppermask - stylish facemask and UV water bottle

(Sample Shoplink - www.coppermask.ph/cpshop/PPS8511714 )

For a discounted amount of 17,888, you can have your online business at home simply by doing these three steps.

  1. You Post

  2. We Deliver

  3. You Earn

Included in this package are the following:

  1. earn 3.5% referral commission from all products bought in your toktok mall shoplink

  2. lifetime referral commission of 3% for every successful deliveries using you toktok delivery link

  3. 20%-70% profit from all JC Premiere products using you shoplinks

  4. 20% referral commission from Boy Bondat

  5. 15% commission from Mang Bok's

  6. 30% commission from Siomai King, Potato King, Noodle House, Burger Factory and Siomai King Express

  7. Shop Link Server Maintenance and Somain Security Subscription

  8. Usage of Trademark, Logo, and Digital Marketing Materials

  9. Freebies up to 500 to 1,000 worth of products

For more information on how to avail the franchise, just contact Maribel Bulayo at 09976943420 or (area code)8422-7271.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maribelbulayo/

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